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Yamaha – Don’t Need Wings to Fly

Yamaha – Director’s Cut

Directed by Michael Pycher

Johnny Jelderda (Motocross rider)
William Waidmann (Boy)
Jose Rosete (Cowboy)
Matthew Jay (Narration)

DP Craig Kief
Producer Tiffany Gray
Editor Jon Grinberg
Sound Design Randy Swansen
Colorist Kevin Kim (Bonch)
Additonal Color Andrew Lichtstein (Chainsaw)

Music “Kaneda’s Death Pt. 2 (Adagio in D Minor)” by John Murphy

Jumping 100 feet on a motorcycle – Blind

Matt Wadsworth Day One from TJ Laury on Vimeo.

Matt Wadsworth is a successful internet marketer and an international musician, is from the UK, and spends time in London and Montreal, Canada. He’s preparing for a world record attempt to jump a motorcycle 100 feet, and he just happens to be blind. Mickey Diamond, 2-time motocross champion and supermoto champion is supporting and training Matt for the jump. Mickey is convinced that it is possible. Matt’s not looking to show off, but to inspire people. He knows it’s possible, and is working on the tools and techniques he’s going to need.

Matt says on his blog, “Well, as one of my old mentors told me about 20 years ago, “If you don’t try, you don’t know,” and this is the way I do things folks.” He’s even given scuba diving a try!

Matt’s website
Matt’s Musical website

Quadcopter Vantage Point

Using a quadcopter to capture some motocross footage with a great vantage point, these guys are taking it to the air! Great action and great music, the Black Keys.

Video by Bryan Pearson