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Slopes of Haleakala

Motorcycle Ride on the Slopes of Haleakala from Peak Performance Photography on Vimeo.

Motorado – Grand Opening today

Took the Fazer out for a ride today to Lakewood, where a new bike consignment shop, Motorado, was having their grand opening. They had the grill going with dogs and brats, chips, soft drinks, and beer. Nice little place, and the owners were very friendly. I asked Ron if they do service work, and he pointed me over to Supertune, so i’ll be checking into those guys.

If you’re in the Denver area, looking to buy or sell your bike, do check them out.

Beautiful day, had to wash the Fazer

Me and my helper washed the Fazer today. Started up with little trouble, after washing, took it to 7-11 and got some gas. 0.85 gallons worth! It could probably use a post-winter hibernation tune up. She’s not perfect, but it doesn’t matter. 🙂

Turntables and a Triumph

Turntables and a Triumph Motorcycle from Good Spark Garage on Vimeo.

Roy Griffith owns the Turntable Shoppe in Indianapolis and rides a 1972 Triumph Bonneville. Analog music and vintage motorcycles are part of everyday life for Roy; he’s no stranger to the repairs and maintenance that come along with them.

Modern Motor Cycle Company

The Wall of Death

This is a wonderful storytelling short film about one of the last daredevil wall riders that ride across Europe, take a few minutes to watch this story about the Ken Fox Troupe. You’ll be glad you did.

Ken Fox's Wall of Death Show
Photo courtesy of Bill M.

Emily Earle

Aspiring singer right from our very own Colorado Springs, Colorado. Give her a listen!

Emily’s Facebook
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Emily’s Youtube channel

I Don’t Want a Pickle, just want to ride my motorsickle…

From their description, “Motorcycle references pepper the collection, partly due to the culture for customisation on the streets of Edwin’s home city – Tokyo and simply down to the feelings one experiences riding a motorcycle with friends. A sense of freedom, and of sharing with others the same need for flight and independence. Customisation of ones own motorcycle parallels breaking in ones own denims, unique in spirit.” Fun to watch and it’s a fun song.

I.D.W.P from Edwin Europe on Vimeo.

Motorbike by Little Brazil (@little_brazil)

Four guys from Nebraska that were raised on Cursive, Fugazi, Guided By Voices, Superchunk, and Busch Light.

Little Brazil: Motorbike from Love Drunk on Vimeo.!/little_brazil