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Japanese Custom Bike Show

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Check out that fish exhaust on the Royal Enfield! Awesome!

Conrad’s Rollerburn Ramp Art Auction

Lucky 13 Rollerburn Edition
96 x 96 Inches
Hand Painted
2 x Acrylic on MDF Panels (not the complete ramp!)
Signed by Conrad Leach

Being offered for Auction (Dutch Style)
Highest bid sent to by 22nd December.
Delivery worldwide at cost.

This panel is being auctioned to raise money for the EllenorLions Hospice in Kent.

Conrad’s 17 year old nephew spent his last few weeks at this Hospice and lost his battle to beat cancer on 20th October 2011.
This Hospice is one of the few that welcomes young people.

Conrad’s Site

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Python Choppers – Melbourne, Australia

Python Choppers from Will Faulkner Films on Vimeo.

Python Choppers in Melbourne with owner George Vidovic

George’s knowledge spans more than 20 years in the automotive industry. He operates a mechanical workshop called G.V. Automotive which specializes in Mechanical Repairs & Servicing to all makes & models with a department dedicated to restoration work to various types of classic sedans & sports cars, he also specializes in manufacturing the A.C. Cobra replica known as the Python now for over 2 decades. George has a vast knowledge on anything classic, with his constant travel to the States it has allowed him to create a large network of contacts which then in turn is passed onto his clients.

Motus American Sport Tour 2011

Motus back from the American Sport Tour West Coast trip….

After 15 separate events in 20 days covering almost 6000 miles, the first leg of the American Sport Tour is a wrap. These tours, which will come to the Midwest, Northeast, and South, are designed to test our machines in different environments and meet with dealers, fans and customers along the way. First leg….mission accomplished.

The bikes were the true heroes of this trip, performing beautifully and being a helluva lot of fun to ride. Days 18-19 had us on a blistering 1200 mile overnight-er from Denver, Colorado straight through to Murfreesboro, Tennessee! God bless Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and loud rock music played through Bluetooth enabled helmets. Overall, the MSTs accumulated a lot more miles of ongoing durability testing and data acquisition, much of it in 100+ degree temperatures, relatively high altitudes, and consuming the many different fuel formulations offered out West. Refinements will be made to the machines from what we’ve learned, and off we’ll go again….all working toward getting MSTs into dealerships in 2012.

By far, the most gratifying part was meeting so many of you at the events, along the back roads, in rest areas, etc. The support and encouragement from our friends and fans has put the wind at our backs and more fuel in our tanks. What Motus is attempting is big and our success will ride on this movement of people seeking something exceptional in all the things they own- character, craftsmanship, innovation, strict attention to detail- all of which when combined properly create an experience that transcends the ordinary. As always, we ask that you let your favorite dealers know you want to test ride a Motus!

Insider Update with the latest
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Interesting Advertising Campaigns – Bajaj, Indian motorcycle company

New Zealand’s First Electric Motorbike

New Zealand’s first fully road legal Electric Sports Motorcycle, the Astara Triumph. Their most current blog entry:

“We have completed a successful day of testing at the raceway. Our test rider Brendan Booth was flying up from Christchurch to ride the bike but a 15 year record snowfall stopped him in his tracks at the airport. We really wanted an experienced racer on board for these tests to free me up to do the techo stuff (and to go a lot faster than I can around the track) Unfortunately we couldn’t get a replacement at short notice so I rode the bike. The bike performed well, the rider could do a lot better! We saw just under 170 kph on the front straight and the bike ran well all day. Weather was beautiful although very cold. We have a few minor improvements to work on but that’s to be expected when developing a machine. Thanks to Richard Bosselman for arranging the the media to be there, Manfield for the circuit use, Rob the other half of our team, and Tim Gibbes for his wise advice. And of course our sponsors for their kind support.

Our battery management system performed well and gave us good data so we’re looking forward to receiving the final production run of the products in a couple of weeks. All in all a good day and another step forward.”

Iain Jerrett created the electric track bike, with a planned top speed of 200kmh, after being approached by Isle of Man motorbike racer Paul Dobbs through his wife Bridget. Paul Dobbs was tragically killed last year at the Isle of Mann

Follow Astara Technologies on their blog.
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Vyrus 986 M2 — just a little different

The Vyrus 986 M2 is a custom racer built on a Honda CBR600RR engine, and uses the engine as a stressed member, and no telescopic forks. Instead of forks, it uses rods, levers to connect to the handle bars. Built by Ascanio Rodorigo of Italy, the steering is called hub-center steering, which can provide huge advantages on the track, keeping weight balance neutral. Will this setup bring about a huge change in the future of suspension?

Most of the body is carbon fiber monococque, reducing weight. Vyrus plans to introduce a race ready bike, a street legal sportbike, and a kit bike (bolt in your own CBR600 engine).

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Why It’s Hard to Live With an Italian Supermodel

FrogDesign has an interesting article that talks about function and how it eventually outweighs form, in regards to various motorcycle styles.

“So why are new riders so attracted to racing inspired bikes and essentially turned off by more ergonomic designs? Well, before someone actually starts riding a motorcycle regularly, one’s only frame of reference is what the bike looks like, and racing bikes fulfill the stereotype of what we feel a bike should look like: fast, low, and sexy.”

The article has some good graphics showing the differences in rider stance on a cafe racer vs an adventure bike. Probably the reason I’m leaning towards a Tiger 800 or Street Triple.