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Ride along the Mekong

Glimpse of the Mekong from SECRET LAB on Vimeo.

Take a fun ride along the Mekong River, on a scooter!

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Motus American Sport Tour 2011

Motus back from the American Sport Tour West Coast trip….

After 15 separate events in 20 days covering almost 6000 miles, the first leg of the American Sport Tour is a wrap. These tours, which will come to the Midwest, Northeast, and South, are designed to test our machines in different environments and meet with dealers, fans and customers along the way. First leg….mission accomplished.

The bikes were the true heroes of this trip, performing beautifully and being a helluva lot of fun to ride. Days 18-19 had us on a blistering 1200 mile overnight-er from Denver, Colorado straight through to Murfreesboro, Tennessee! God bless Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and loud rock music played through Bluetooth enabled helmets. Overall, the MSTs accumulated a lot more miles of ongoing durability testing and data acquisition, much of it in 100+ degree temperatures, relatively high altitudes, and consuming the many different fuel formulations offered out West. Refinements will be made to the machines from what we’ve learned, and off we’ll go again….all working toward getting MSTs into dealerships in 2012.

By far, the most gratifying part was meeting so many of you at the events, along the back roads, in rest areas, etc. The support and encouragement from our friends and fans has put the wind at our backs and more fuel in our tanks. What Motus is attempting is big and our success will ride on this movement of people seeking something exceptional in all the things they own- character, craftsmanship, innovation, strict attention to detail- all of which when combined properly create an experience that transcends the ordinary. As always, we ask that you let your favorite dealers know you want to test ride a Motus!

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Vietnam Ride 2011 – on Vimeo

Looks like a blast, I’d love to take one of these trips!

Vietnam Ride 2011 from hampton on Vimeo.

Stelvio Pass–Hot Brakes and Hairpins