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New Yamaha concept — XTW250 Ryoku

At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha presented their newest concept, the XTW250 Ryoku. The Ryoku means strength or power in English. It’s got a large fuel tank, and the belly pan protector can be removed and used as a shovel. Looks kinda Tonkaesque, but I like the TW200. I wonder if it will come to market.

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Ikuo Ishizuka, Senior Engineer, Motorcycle Design Group, Yamaha Motor, introduced the XTW250 Ryoku. “This model is called XTW250 RYOKU. We propose that this concept bike could make touring and outdoor leisure even more enjoyable in Japan.The engine and main frame are based on our TRICKER and SEROW 250 models, and the rest of the bike includes a lot of custom designs.”

“One feature of this model is, it can carry a big tank or camping equipment. We also propose using it as a 100 V power supply. We think it would be fun to use 100 V appliances at a camp site. So the idea is, this bike can be used as a generator while it’s parked. That’s why it has this fan, similar to that of an air-cooled engine.”

” We’ve also provided a big rear carrier. This is for touring with camping equipment. A lot of different combinations are possible, for example, if you remove the tandem seat, you can attach a large carrier. Another fun thing about this bike is, it has an engine guard for off-roading, and when you reach your destination, the engine guard converts into the head of a shovel. You can take the guard off, attach the handle, and use it as a shovel. This bike has all kinds of interesting features like that.”

“Our intention with this model is to suggest even more ways of enjoying motorcycles. A bike can be more than just a means of getting somewhere, but also a way to have fun when you arrive.”

Photo courtesy of Ko Fujimora

Photo courtesy of Ko Fujimora

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