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Mule Motorcycles, an interview with Richard Pollock

Mule Motorcycles from Champions Moto on Vimeo.

“I like to build things”. Richard Pollock has been building bikes since 1969, and does it full-time now. Forget airbrushed skulls, daggers, grim reaper, instead think along the lines of clean, lean, and light. “I like to make the bikes more seamless, cleaner, and smoother”, said Pollock, via a local interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune. Pollock builds custom, one-off motorcycles, handmade, on his own timeline, typically a year or so. One of his bikes took 6 years to build, named the XR-1660, a beautiful street-tracker.

Mule Motorcycles website

Interview with, quite detailed and good interview.

From the interview, Where did you come up with the name: Mule Motorcycles?
“I was into bicycle racing for a number of years. I liked to be at the front pulling instead of sitting in the draft. Everybody had nicknames and eventually I got the nickname “Mule”. Then a bicycle racing friend who I was building a bike for called me one day and said, “Is this Mule Motorcycles?” We had a good laugh about it, but later the name made sense. A Mule is a hybrid. A combination of genetic traits that exceeds the performance and intelligence of both its parents. That’s how I viewed the bikes I was building and a business name was born.”

Triumph Streetmaster by Richard Pollock

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