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US Marine Corps – KLR650 – runs on diesel

The diesel sipper gets 96 miles a gallon, uses most of the transmission parts of the Kawasaki KLR650, but does a lot of revision on the engine components. Article on NYtimes goes into a little more detail.

The M1030 is a lightweight, rugged, commercial, cross-country motorcycle, based on the Kawasaki KLR 650, modified for military use. It provides an alternate means of transporting messages, documents, and light cargo between units. The M1030 may also be used to transport forward observers, military police, and reconnaissance personnel. The size and construction of the M1030 makes it highly mobile on all roads and cross-country terrain. Info via

Hayes Diversified Technologies builds them for the military, and they show 3 different models on their website.

HAYES-DT M1030-M2 670cc JP8 Military Motorcycle

HAYES-DT M1030-B2 650cc Military Motorcycle

HAYES-DT M1030-A4 250cc Military Motorcycle

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