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Top 10 Tips for Street Riders by Can Akkaya

Tips for riders from Motorcycle Insights

1. Focus- I see many people riding on the street without being fully focused. They ride through a canyon the same way, as they do their city ride from traffic light to traffic light. Change that! Especially on long rides make sure to stop every hour for at least 10 minutes, as it helps you refresh and maintain your focus.

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Can Akkaya is a German former professional motorcycle racer. Throughout his racing career he raced the German IDM, the Spanish and the Dutch Open and the European Championship; winning his last international race in 1995, retiring from professional racing shortly after. In 2004 he wrote his life story and was offered a publishing contract by Mohland Verlaign Germany. His book Racers-Story is a top 10 best seller. He became and is a world class motorcycle instructor, having trained thousands of riders from around the globe.

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