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Motorcycle safety: Tips to stay safe on 2 wheels

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Crash factors–Speed and Inexperience…

“Veteran riders and instructors we spoke with say keeping your speed down, and taking the right training courses are the keys to staying alive. …excessive speed and inexperience are the top two most common factors that contribute to crashes.”

Drivers also need to be aware of their surroundings…

“Archambault said, “The problems that we have with people driving, and being distracted through texting, cell phones and GPS and all the other things that they do, you know they just don’t see that motorcycle.”

Having the right mental attitude…

“Mike Roth of Clifton Park said, “I ride pretty cautiously. Basically, whenever I come to an intersection, I figure somebody is going to come out. It doesn’t matter whether there’s somebody there or not, (I assume) they’re going to come out.”

When you go down, not if…

“Protective gear becomes the only line of defense. Hmiel said, “We always recommend full coverage helmets, jackets, good quality boot, gloves, pants.” Seymour says new trend in protective gear is “textiles over leather.” Hmiel said, “Textiles are lighter weight, they’re more versatile, they can be made waterproof.”

Check the full article at Fox23


Full protective gear is the way to go!

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