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BlueCat Motors Honda CB250

BlueCat Motors Honda CB250 from Telegraph Studios on Vimeo.

BlueCat Motors website

The story of this bike begins a couple years ago with a guy called Wayne. Wayne lived well up north in Minnesota near the Canadian border. That’s where he bought this Honda CB250 at a local antique store for an untold sum of money. You see, the Honda CB250 is actually a Canadian bike. That we know of, Honda never sold them here in The States. Sure, we had its big brother, the CB/CL350, but the CB250 was off limits for reasons we still don’t understand. Wayne found one, however, and he had a particular purpose in mind. He needed to get to the Twin Cities to see about a lady. In our estimation, it doesn’t get much more romantic than that. Buy a weird old motorcycle, travel hundreds of miles and try to sweep a young lady off her feet. Sadly, Wayne’s trip hadn’t gone quite according to plan by the time he and his CB250 darkened our shop door.

The story continues

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