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Custom Honda CX500 – Slingshot Cycles

ebay pic cx500

ebay pic cx500

Built by Slingshot Cycles in Virginia, this CX500 was a pretty radical bike given what they started with. If you don’t know, these Hondas are pretty odd. Water cooled, shafty, slow, ugly. But as you can see, it turned out great!

They swapped the Custom tank for a Standard model tank. Modified the exhaust, changed the jets, put on some clip ons and made a bump seat from a CB360 fuel tank. Then they shot it with some bright ass red and clear.

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  • You really give this bike a great run up! I can easily say that this is the sexiest CX I have ever seen in real life or in photographs. Of course, the only CX I’ve ever seen in real life had squirt gun forks and black and orange paint. Not exactly something you include in a pickup line.

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