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Reunited with his 1952 Sunbeam 500 S7

1952 Sunbeam S7 500


MACHINE from matt machine on Vimeo.


RUIN from OddBall Animation on Vimeo.

Seen on’s FB page. Very nicely done animation.
Faster and Faster’s FB

It’s really illegal, I love that in a bike

Scott Patterson from Champions Moto on Vimeo.

Just a guy talking about his bike, Scott tells us about his Ducati Sport S 1000, and a few mods he’s done.

Buell Fun

Buell fun from alex rios on Vimeo.

Chris Dodge of Streetmaster Motorcycles

Chris Dodge from Champions Moto on Vimeo.

Champions Moto FB site
Champions Moto website

Streetmaster Motorcycles FB site
Streetmaster Motorcycles Website

Triumph Streetmaster by Richard Pollock

Turntables and a Triumph

Turntables and a Triumph Motorcycle from Good Spark Garage on Vimeo.

Roy Griffith owns the Turntable Shoppe in Indianapolis and rides a 1972 Triumph Bonneville. Analog music and vintage motorcycles are part of everyday life for Roy; he’s no stranger to the repairs and maintenance that come along with them.

What would you do?

Washington's Lottery "Motorcycle" from Jesse Dillow on Vimeo.

If you won the lottery? LOL, cute ad.

Plane Jump – Petr Pilat


News article by The Sun has some great photos of the event.

Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1 from Serge Moskalets on Vimeo.

Yamaha YZF-R1 2012

The Motomethod Story

The Motomethod Story from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.

Motomethod Community Motorcycle Repair Shop in Vancouver, BC is a full repair shop, for nearly all makes and models of motorcycles, old or new. Motomethod is the first in the industry to allow the rider to come in and ‘rent a bay’ and repair their own bike, or learn how.
Directed by the Zenga Bros.

Motomethod Facebook page

Chance Encounter

CHANCE ENCOUNTER from Josh Manning on Vimeo.

Neat little short that gets one thinking…

2011 Pikes Peak Hill Climb – Tilt Shift

How to Pick up your bike

How to pick up a motorcycle from on Vimeo.

First, make sure you are out of harms way. Take a few minutes to calm down. Turn off the engine and fuel line. Then follow the simple steps in this video. Picking up a dropped motorcycle is all about working smarter, not harder as motorcycles can weigh between 500 and 800-pounds.

Super Rat and Sodium Distortion

Super Rat and Sodium Distortion take a road trip to the 2011 Seattle International Motorcycle Show.
Chad DeRosa Photography on SmugMug
Chad DeRosa Photography on FB
Chad’s Blog