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Photos from Motorcycle Expo

I attended the Motorcycle Expo yesterday at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, in Commerce City, Colorado. It was nice to walk around the displays, although the attendance seemed to be kinda sparse. I noticed Grand Prix Motorsports there, and checked out their electric motorcycles from Zero. Glad they are stocking them and wish them the best. I also saw Unique Rides with their Urals and a Honda Trike. ABATE of Colorado displayed several race bikes, and the State Police performed demo runs on their Harleys. I had never seen a stunt bike up close before, and noticed the dented up gas tank and hole in the pillion seat, I guess for sitting on the tank and doing wheelie stunts. Looks like they also had a brake lever on the left side, right above the clutch. Useful while they’re sitting on the tank.

It was a very friendly event, and I hope to catch the next one. Full set of photos here on Flickr.

ABATE of Colorado

Orange Trike

Don’t see these every day, a BMW K1200S

Stunt Bike

Zero Electric Motorcycles

Ural with sidecar

State Police doing a demo

New Zealand’s First Electric Motorbike

New Zealand’s first fully road legal Electric Sports Motorcycle, the Astara Triumph. Their most current blog entry:

“We have completed a successful day of testing at the raceway. Our test rider Brendan Booth was flying up from Christchurch to ride the bike but a 15 year record snowfall stopped him in his tracks at the airport. We really wanted an experienced racer on board for these tests to free me up to do the techo stuff (and to go a lot faster than I can around the track) Unfortunately we couldn’t get a replacement at short notice so I rode the bike. The bike performed well, the rider could do a lot better! We saw just under 170 kph on the front straight and the bike ran well all day. Weather was beautiful although very cold. We have a few minor improvements to work on but that’s to be expected when developing a machine. Thanks to Richard Bosselman for arranging the the media to be there, Manfield for the circuit use, Rob the other half of our team, and Tim Gibbes for his wise advice. And of course our sponsors for their kind support.

Our battery management system performed well and gave us good data so we’re looking forward to receiving the final production run of the products in a couple of weeks. All in all a good day and another step forward.”

Iain Jerrett created the electric track bike, with a planned top speed of 200kmh, after being approached by Isle of Man motorbike racer Paul Dobbs through his wife Bridget. Paul Dobbs was tragically killed last year at the Isle of Mann

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