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Beautiful day, had to wash the Fazer

Me and my helper washed the Fazer today. Started up with little trouble, after washing, took it to 7-11 and got some gas. 0.85 gallons worth! It could probably use a post-winter hibernation tune up. She’s not perfect, but it doesn’t matter. 🙂

1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer


My new toy! Picked it up Tuesday, drove it home in the pouring rain. Bought it off Craigslist, and it’s in great shape!



Yamaha Fazer
Photo courtesy of Krugerin50

1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer

1986 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer from Lance Watts on Vimeo.

Great restoration on a very cool bike. Actually, I found one myself, and I’ll be picking it up on Tuesday. Have a great weekend, folks!