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Law Tigers Mobile App

A helpful accident preparation guide: Offers motorcyclists a comprehensive outline of what steps to take in the event they’re involved in a motorcycle accident.
Accident reporting tool: The core feature of our app is a thorough accident reporting tool which facilitates the capture of all relevant accident data, including location, driver information, vehicle information, police and rescue details, and even tow truck contact details. Built in GPS technology helps locate the precise location of the accident, which will prove helpful for police, insurance, and legal representation. Completed accident reports will be emailed to the appropriate Law Tigers Licensee.
Integrated photo and video capture: Built in access to the smartphone’s camera means that users can capture photos and videos of the accident scene, documents, vehicles involved, etc.
One-click access to call the Law Tigers: Users can click the “Call my Lawyer” button to place an immediate call to the Law Tigers.
One-click access to local emergency services: The integrated “emergency services” section of the app includes one-touch access to local police, tow providers, taxis, hospitals, and even motorcycle repair shops.
Custom “My Motorcycle” feature: The “My Motorcycle Info” section allows users to store information about their motorcycles, including date of purchase, dealer or seller name, photos, and miscellaneous details.
Law Tigers General Information: The “About Our Firm” page contains information about the Law Tigers, links to the free Rider Benefit Card, the Law Tigers YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, the Twitter page, and the website.