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Motorcycle Roadracing Association

Motorcycle Roadracing Assoc. Super Street promo from 1930pictures on Vimeo.

Modern sportbikes belong at the track. Find out how to get there and get up to speed, with Colorado’s own MRA

The MRA kicks off it’s 2012 season at High Plains Raceway on May 5-6th! Join us for non stop high octane excitement as the fastest riders in the region race head to head on everything from 250cc production motorcycles to 200hp open superbikes!

The hugely successful Super Street class returns for its third season on Saturday. If you’re a street or trackday rider and would like to experience road racing for only $100 and minimal bike prep, go to for more information.

Tickets for all MRA races are purchased at the event gate each Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss the experience and excitement of motorcycle roadracing here in Colorado!

Weekend Admission: Adults $10 for the entire weekend of racing. Kids under 12 and military personnel are free! Stop by your local motorcycle dealer for a 2 for 1 admission voucher.

Directions: High Plains Raceway is located on U.S. Highway 36, 17 miles east of Byers. This is 60 miles(and less than one hour) east of the I-25 & I-70 interchange, known locally as the Mousetrap. At Byers, exit I-70 (which bends to the south towards Limon) taking Highway 36 due east 17 miles. The track is on your left, with the entrance at the Easternmost side of the property.
Information: Call (303) 769-4771

The MRA is dedicated to promoting safe and competitive motorcycle roadracing events for enthusiasts in Colorado and the surrounding area. For more information go to

For a daily schedule of races go to http://

Conrad’s Rollerburn Ramp Art Auction

Lucky 13 Rollerburn Edition
96 x 96 Inches
Hand Painted
2 x Acrylic on MDF Panels (not the complete ramp!)
Signed by Conrad Leach

Being offered for Auction (Dutch Style)
Highest bid sent to by 22nd December.
Delivery worldwide at cost.

This panel is being auctioned to raise money for the EllenorLions Hospice in Kent.

Conrad’s 17 year old nephew spent his last few weeks at this Hospice and lost his battle to beat cancer on 20th October 2011.
This Hospice is one of the few that welcomes young people.

Conrad’s Site

More artwork from Conrad Leach

Interesting Advertising Campaigns – Bajaj, Indian motorcycle company

Close the Gap On Training

This article courtesy of the Naval Safety Center Smart Ride 2011 Magazine. Please also check out their website, the Naval Safety Center.


Opinions are like, well … you know the old saying. And when it comes to motorcycle training, the old saying is true, because everyone has an opinion on it: why it’s required, how it should be conducted, and who should be made to attend. In a perfect world, training would be individually tailored to each and every rider’s needs, but practically speaking, this is impossible.

Three years ago, the Navy and Marine Corps tried to do the next best thing with a major restructuring of motorcycle training in an effort to provide the most relevant training to the largest possible group of riders. Current requirements mandate that all Sailors and Marines who ride attend the MSF Basic Rider Course, and then attend follow-on training through the Experienced Rider Course (for cruiser riders) or the Military Sportbike Rider Course (for sportbike riders.) Because statistics showed that some previously-licensed riders were getting back into biking after a long absence (and with considerably diminished skills) there is also a requirement for recurring training every five years.

“The statistics don’t lie,” said Don Borkoski, the Navy’s motorcycle safety manager at the Naval Safety Center. “Fatalities and injuries are way down, and this isn’t a coincidence.”

In fiscal year 2010, 13 Sailors and nine Marines lost their lives on motorcycles. Tragic, certainly, but down from 14 Sailors and 14 Marines in FY2009, and a high of 33 Sailors and 25 Marines in FY2008. Borkoski credits the decrease in motorcycle crashes to a change in the culture. Riders are taking responsibility for themselves and for mentoring younger riders. Leaders are learning not to treat riders like problem children, and are instead encouraging training on command time and proper use of PPE. However, he said the positive trend depends on riders doing the right thing to keep the mishap numbers moving in the right direction. “Most people have done a great job complying with the requirements, but we still have to close the gap with a few non-believers out there. Almost all of the sportbike riders who were killed on their bikes last year did not complete the MSRC. That’s huge,” he said.

The MSRC is conducted on a range like the other courses, but it does incorporate higher speeds, taking into account the racing characteristics of modern sportbikes. It also delves into the mental aspects of sportbike riding, which are different from that of cruisers. It’s been three years since the new course was unveiled, and the other changes to the instruction took place. That means it’s time for a lot of riders who took the courses previously to retake ERC or MSRC. Borkoski said it’s important that riders who are due for refresher training to remember this requirement and schedule a course.

“I know that some people who have been riding continuously for the last five years think there’s no reason they should have to take a training class again, but even the best riders can learn something new, or pick up on something they may not have caught the first time around,” he said. “Besides, it’s a day spent outside on your motorcycle. What’s wrong with that?”

Riders can schedule new or recurring training by visiting

STAR Motorcycle School – Coming to Colorado Aug 15-16

Motorcycle School coming to High Plains at Byers, CO. More details here

As part of their expanding program with the U.S. military, Jason Pridmore’s STAR Motorcycle School is proud to offer free tuition to all current National Guard members to attend one of the seven STAR School National Guard Rider Training days in 2011. National Guard members simply register for the school of their choice and show up with their motorcycle and gear, ready to learn from Jason and his staff of professional instructors. The tuition is paid for as an incentive for National Guard members to take advantage of this exclusive program that’s just for them. National Guard members can contact STAR School for more bike and gear rental information.

National Guard Training – Looks like the free training for National Guard members will not be hitting Colorado this go around, but it will in Topeka, Kansas and Willows, California. The paid courses at High Plains seem reasonable though.

STAR Motorcycle School

Isaiah gets his new motorbike – Kenyan pastor

Isaiah Kool receives his motorbike! from David Altizer on Vimeo.

Isaiah Kool is an incredible disciple of God. He is a pastor in Ewaso in the Rift Valley. He would walk miles and miles to go to other churches and would walk hours and hours to get to where he needs to go to serve the Lord. Don and Michelle, with the help of supporters, were able to purchase this motorbike for Isaiah to use. He was so shocked and so thankful for this blessing. The bike is a Yamaha DT125.

Triumph Street Single? Boys at Hinckley building a Mini-Street Triple?

Rumors are flying that Triumph is working on a smaller bike, sounds good to me! The speculation comes from Brazil’s Motociclismo magazine that the new bike will be assembled at Triumph’s new factory in Manaus, Brazil, and built from kits produced at one of Triumph’s Thai locations.

Read more at Visordown.
Rumor mill at Kneeslider
Motorcyclistonline says one might be coming in 2012.

Photo courtesy of Motociclismo magazine

Life on Two Wheels – new rider training @getontweets

Follow along as several new riders get familiar with motorbike riding in the UK with “Get On”. Love the accent, and nice video. ‘Get On’ want to support anyone in getting on two wheels by actively promoting the many positives of motorcycling, and by introducing as many people as possible who have never ridden to a free riding experience, and by encouraging those who have left motorcycling to start again.

Learn To Ride A Motorcycle - How To Ride A Motorbike - Get On from getonvideos on Vimeo.

Win a Kawasaki KLR650 is giving away a Kawasaki KLR650 Adventure motorbike to a deserving military member, in November 2011. Entries due from June 1, 2011 – August 31, 2011, check their site for more details.

Black Dog Ride – all points Australia to Alice Springs

Black Dog Ride is a motorcycle ride in Australia to raise awareness of depression. If you feel like a challenge and enjoy the adventure of the open road, then you’ll love this awesome ride. Commencing on August 21, riders from all around Australia are heading to the Red Centre to raise community awareness of depression and help destigmatise the illness. The final leg of the journey on Saturday 27 will take us in to the centre of Alice Springs for a Community Event and bbq lunch attended by the Mayor before heading out to the incredible Glen Helen Resort. Join in the fun!



Follow Ric Raftis as he travels from Wedderburn, Victoria, to Alice Springs, Northern Territory, as part of the Black Dog Ride.


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