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2011 Pikes Peak Hill Climb – Tilt Shift

The Mountain: by Rick Graves and Triumph

Take a ride up Pike’s Peak in the 2011 Race to the Clouds. Joe Kopp with Latus Racing takes a souped up Speed Triple to the top, and takes 2nd place. “Sign me up, I don’t care what I ride, I’m game”, declares Kopp.

“And if the mountain doesn’t want to give you a good run because of road conditions, that’s what you gotta get past. You compete against the mountain.” adds Sonny Anderson, Motorcycle Referee, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Sonny continues, “Guarantee ya, they’ll take the trophy every time over the money, because the money goes away but they still have that special trophy on the mantle.”

Kopp’s previous run in 2008 had bike troubles as, “it wouldn’t compensate for that altitude…huge problem with any high performance motor up there on that mountain”. However, with the Triumph, it was running strong and dialed in.

“Could you find a perfect bike for Pike’s Peak? I don’t think so, with every condition that’s up there on the mountain. As far as getting as close as we can, I think the Speed Triple is the perfect bike.”

Joe turned in an official time of 11:26.530, placing first in the Exhibition Powersport category, and the 2nd fastest motorcylist up the mountain.

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