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Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse – Colorado Springs

Had a blast today down in Colorado Springs at the Ultimate Bike Bonding Course. Froze all the way down from Aurora to the Springs but it warmed up nicely, and it was worth the cold ride in. Great time, although the exercises got progressively tougher, and I bombed several at the end. Humbling but fun! Afterward, had a great steak lunch at Saltgrass Steakhouse, man they’re good! The ride home on 83 was much nicer than the ride down, except more traffic. I prefer 83 vs taking I-25.

Ultimate Bike-Bonding RiderCourse is a program patterned after police motorcycle training courses. It consists of drills and skill circuits to improve a rider’s performance. Control operation and body positioning are emphasized to improve smoothness and precision. It stresses motorcycle manipulation skills to maximize low-speed operation and control.

Thanks Greg, Wayne, and Dave, much appreciated.

Motorcycle Training Academy

Specifics on their Bike Bonding Course

Motorcycle Safety Foundation – Basic Ridercourse Handbook

Here’s a link to the MSF’s Basic Ridercourse Handbook

And a link to the rest of their online library–great motorcycle safety resources to review

Topics cover risk awareness and management, personal protective gear (always gear up), controls, positioning, being visible, and mental processing. Common riding situations are discussed, along with maximum braking and swerving. There are lots of good illustrations to go with the discussion. At the end, there is a glossary, with study questions and some tear out tips you can take with you or post up on the fridge.