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Maintenance and other rider tips


Maintenance is not only an essential part of motorcycle ownership, it can make the difference between safe riding and getting stranded– or worse, taking a spill. Learn how to change your oil, check and lubricate your bike’s chain, ensure that your tires are inflated properly, and check your fluid levels, and you’ll ride with the confidence of knowing that your bike will run reliably.

Car drivers

Most car drivers say they never saw the motorcycle. Car drivers don’t want to hit you, honest. Some of them need extra help to know you’re there. Do all you can to make it easier for them to see you. Use your high beam during the day. High beam is more conspicuous than low beam. Trading that cool-looking black leather jacket for something bright wouldn’t hurt, either.


When you enter a corner, your eyes follow the line you want to ride. Prior to the corner, ensure you have braked or slowed down, you are in the right gear, and your throttle is constant. Enter the corner by pressing and leaning in, follow your line, and look far ahead, staying at the outside of the corner as long as possible. Always give throttle while in a corner and accelerate out of the corner.

Decreasing radius

What do you do when you are surprised, mid-corner, by a decreasing radius? Push your motorcycle to the inside, with your outside knee. Leaning in extra by pressing on the inside handgrip to get more lean. Use the rear brake gently. You will not only decrease your speed, but the motorcycle will turn a bit around its rear wheel, so you will turn more into the corner.

Courtesy of Motorcycle Training Academy of Colorado Springs

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Motorcycle Safety – Gear up, and be careful

Here are some safety videos I’ve found on the Air Force’s Safety Center. The US Air Force has a very heavy emphasis on rider safety, all the gear all the time (ATGATT), and driver awareness of motorcycles.

Air Force Safety Center motorcycle videos

Great Roads Great Rides safety campaign

Think motorcycle safety