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Motorcycle safety: Tips to stay safe on 2 wheels

Check the full article at Fox23

Crash factors–Speed and Inexperience…

“Veteran riders and instructors we spoke with say keeping your speed down, and taking the right training courses are the keys to staying alive. …excessive speed and inexperience are the top two most common factors that contribute to crashes.”

Drivers also need to be aware of their surroundings…

“Archambault said, “The problems that we have with people driving, and being distracted through texting, cell phones and GPS and all the other things that they do, you know they just don’t see that motorcycle.”

Having the right mental attitude…

“Mike Roth of Clifton Park said, “I ride pretty cautiously. Basically, whenever I come to an intersection, I figure somebody is going to come out. It doesn’t matter whether there’s somebody there or not, (I assume) they’re going to come out.”

When you go down, not if…

“Protective gear becomes the only line of defense. Hmiel said, “We always recommend full coverage helmets, jackets, good quality boot, gloves, pants.” Seymour says new trend in protective gear is “textiles over leather.” Hmiel said, “Textiles are lighter weight, they’re more versatile, they can be made waterproof.”

Check the full article at Fox23


Full protective gear is the way to go!

394mph Rocky’s View – motorcycle at speed

Watch Content Canning Company’s new video called 394mph Rocky’s view, it is spectacular!
Live Cockpit video of Rocky Robinson setting the world land speed record for a motorcycle – 376mph. His peak speed was 394mph.

394mph Rocky's view on Vimeo by Content Canning Company

Triumph Demo Ride @ Foothills BMW/Triumph

Had a nice time over at Foothills BMW/Triumph demoing a few Triumph motorbikes. Brought all my gear, jacket, helmet, and gloves, signed in, and got on the schedule for a Tiger 800. I was a little nervous, as I hadn’t been on a bike for a while. I’m looking to buy in the next year. After receiving a safety brief from Mike, the demo ride leader, off we went. It was a group ride out 6th ave and back, about 12 miles round trip. A little later, I got a ride on the Speed Triple, but I think I enjoyed the Tiger a lot more. The Tiger is much more my style, upright seating, comfortable, but still extremely enjoyable, and it won’t mind going off-road occasionally.  The last ride of the day on the Street Triple R was scheduled at 3:30pm.

Since I had a few hours to kill, and was hungry, I headed next door to Carnations Restaurant. Ordered an iced tea, and promptly got a Coke, haha. They fixed that and brought a roast beef dinner. I wrapped that up with a slice of banana creme pie. The lunch was so quiet alone, I usually eat out with my family, wife and 3 munchkins, so the quiet was strange.

Headed back to Foothills and waited for my Street ride. Off we went, the guy in front of me on the Tiger 800 I was on earlier kept stalling, at nearly every stop. I wondered what problems he was having, but it sounded like rider error when I got back. We ran into a few raindrops on 6th ave, but it felt good on that warm day. After returning, I thanked Mike the demo coordinator, or Road Show Lead, and headed home.

Nice article at Motorcycle Colorado that talked about the demo ride at Foothills too.

Full set of photos on Flickr






Joe Kopp – Racing Pikes Peak on a Triumph Speed Triple

Joe Kopp with Latus Motors Racing, raced a RS Racecraft Triumph Speed Triple at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Via, Joe said, “What’s really going to be fun is applying my dirt track experience to the streetfighter style of motorcycle, especially in the gravel portions of the course. It should be quite a ride.” Joe finished with a time of 11:26.530, and placed first in the Exhibition Powersport category.

A few photos from Triumph’s FB page here.

89th PPIHC
Thank you to Jacque Fuller for allowing me to post her awesome photo of Joe flying past. She made a great shot! Thank you, Jacque.

Speed Racer by Impoz

BikeExif has a great article on a custom Triumph Speed Triple.

Aprilia Tuono V4R vs 4 other naked bikes

Aprilia Tuono V4R takes on a slew of other naked streetfighters on Motorcycle News. Seen on Two Wheels Blog

2011 Triumph Speed Triple

2011 Triumph Speed Triple first ride at Motorcycle Daily. “The best selling motorcycle of the new era of Triumph needed an update, and it received a very successful one. The 2011 Speed Triple is more modern, refined and a much better motorcycle, overall.”