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Spooky Scrambler

Check out Frank’s beautiful & spooky shots of his 2009 Triumph Scrambler.

Turntables and a Triumph

Turntables and a Triumph Motorcycle from Good Spark Garage on Vimeo.

Roy Griffith owns the Turntable Shoppe in Indianapolis and rides a 1972 Triumph Bonneville. Analog music and vintage motorcycles are part of everyday life for Roy; he’s no stranger to the repairs and maintenance that come along with them.

The Mountain: by Rick Graves and Triumph

Take a ride up Pike’s Peak in the 2011 Race to the Clouds. Joe Kopp with Latus Racing takes a souped up Speed Triple to the top, and takes 2nd place. “Sign me up, I don’t care what I ride, I’m game”, declares Kopp.

“And if the mountain doesn’t want to give you a good run because of road conditions, that’s what you gotta get past. You compete against the mountain.” adds Sonny Anderson, Motorcycle Referee, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Sonny continues, “Guarantee ya, they’ll take the trophy every time over the money, because the money goes away but they still have that special trophy on the mantle.”

Kopp’s previous run in 2008 had bike troubles as, “it wouldn’t compensate for that altitude…huge problem with any high performance motor up there on that mountain”. However, with the Triumph, it was running strong and dialed in.

“Could you find a perfect bike for Pike’s Peak? I don’t think so, with every condition that’s up there on the mountain. As far as getting as close as we can, I think the Speed Triple is the perfect bike.”

Joe turned in an official time of 11:26.530, placing first in the Exhibition Powersport category, and the 2nd fastest motorcylist up the mountain.

89th PPIHC

2011 Adventure Bike of the Year

Motorcyclistonline has deemed the Triumph Tiger 800 XC the 2011 Adventure bike of the year!

New Zealand’s First Electric Motorbike

New Zealand’s first fully road legal Electric Sports Motorcycle, the Astara Triumph. Their most current blog entry:

“We have completed a successful day of testing at the raceway. Our test rider Brendan Booth was flying up from Christchurch to ride the bike but a 15 year record snowfall stopped him in his tracks at the airport. We really wanted an experienced racer on board for these tests to free me up to do the techo stuff (and to go a lot faster than I can around the track) Unfortunately we couldn’t get a replacement at short notice so I rode the bike. The bike performed well, the rider could do a lot better! We saw just under 170 kph on the front straight and the bike ran well all day. Weather was beautiful although very cold. We have a few minor improvements to work on but that’s to be expected when developing a machine. Thanks to Richard Bosselman for arranging the the media to be there, Manfield for the circuit use, Rob the other half of our team, and Tim Gibbes for his wise advice. And of course our sponsors for their kind support.

Our battery management system performed well and gave us good data so we’re looking forward to receiving the final production run of the products in a couple of weeks. All in all a good day and another step forward.”

Iain Jerrett created the electric track bike, with a planned top speed of 200kmh, after being approached by Isle of Man motorbike racer Paul Dobbs through his wife Bridget. Paul Dobbs was tragically killed last year at the Isle of Mann

Follow Astara Technologies on their blog.
Another article about the bike on
More information about the bike’s origin on

2012 Triumph Street Triple R – Acceleration

Tronix102 on Youtube takes his new Street Triple R out for a spin, filmed with his GoPro HD. Beautiful bike, and quick!

Triumph – Jesse Carmody

Awesome photo by Jesse Carmody

Thruxton Racer – #205


A beautiful, blue Thruxton racer sponsored by Foothills BMW/Triumph

A day with DJ MAF – Paris

Follow a DJ running around Paris on his Triumph Scrambler. Sponsored by his trusty backpack company, Eastpak, so you’ll see the bag in there too. I enjoyed checking out the bike footage.

Triumph Street Single? Boys at Hinckley building a Mini-Street Triple?

Rumors are flying that Triumph is working on a smaller bike, sounds good to me! The speculation comes from Brazil’s Motociclismo magazine that the new bike will be assembled at Triumph’s new factory in Manaus, Brazil, and built from kits produced at one of Triumph’s Thai locations.

Read more at Visordown.
Rumor mill at Kneeslider
Motorcyclistonline says one might be coming in 2012.

Photo courtesy of Motociclismo magazine

Triumph Demo Ride @ Foothills BMW/Triumph

Had a nice time over at Foothills BMW/Triumph demoing a few Triumph motorbikes. Brought all my gear, jacket, helmet, and gloves, signed in, and got on the schedule for a Tiger 800. I was a little nervous, as I hadn’t been on a bike for a while. I’m looking to buy in the next year. After receiving a safety brief from Mike, the demo ride leader, off we went. It was a group ride out 6th ave and back, about 12 miles round trip. A little later, I got a ride on the Speed Triple, but I think I enjoyed the Tiger a lot more. The Tiger is much more my style, upright seating, comfortable, but still extremely enjoyable, and it won’t mind going off-road occasionally.  The last ride of the day on the Street Triple R was scheduled at 3:30pm.

Since I had a few hours to kill, and was hungry, I headed next door to Carnations Restaurant. Ordered an iced tea, and promptly got a Coke, haha. They fixed that and brought a roast beef dinner. I wrapped that up with a slice of banana creme pie. The lunch was so quiet alone, I usually eat out with my family, wife and 3 munchkins, so the quiet was strange.

Headed back to Foothills and waited for my Street ride. Off we went, the guy in front of me on the Tiger 800 I was on earlier kept stalling, at nearly every stop. I wondered what problems he was having, but it sounded like rider error when I got back. We ran into a few raindrops on 6th ave, but it felt good on that warm day. After returning, I thanked Mike the demo coordinator, or Road Show Lead, and headed home.

Nice article at Motorcycle Colorado that talked about the demo ride at Foothills too.

Full set of photos on Flickr






2011 Naked Middleweights Shootout lets it rip on 4 streetfighters, the BMW F800R, Aprilia Shiver, Triumph Street Triple R, and the Yamaha FZ8. The Ducati Monster 796 was late to the party, and was prevented from joining. I like how they call them unfaired funsters, check out the comparison.

2011 Triumph Tiger 800 & 800XC Review reviews the Triumph Tiger 800 and 800XC. They go over the differences between the 2 bikes, and of course, they like the engine. Based on the 675cc triple, the 800 exhibits lots of low end and mid-range grunt, with little vibration.

2011 Triumph Speed Triple

2011 Triumph Speed Triple first ride at Motorcycle Daily. “The best selling motorcycle of the new era of Triumph needed an update, and it received a very successful one. The 2011 Speed Triple is more modern, refined and a much better motorcycle, overall.”


Ducati Monster 796 vs Triumph Street Triple R

Ducati Monster 796 vs Triumph Street Triple R on “We anticipated the Triumph to exhibit an unfair horsepower advantage, but knowing the grunty nature of a Twin, we weren’t surprised by dyno results that showed the bigger-cube Ducati as the torque champ.”  Sounds like a good match-up!